When Old Tech Meets Medical Innovation – Meet Tinnitracks


Thankfully, some established, large companies out there understand the value of startups and how valuable  the combination of a prospering, young startup and a strong player in the market can be.

One of them is Sennheiser. The other one is Tinnitracks, whereas the former is the big player and the latter is the startup – obviously.

Tinnitracks has developed a proprietary technology that does not only market itself as a “medical startup” but among the few out there, it actually is one. They have managed to help Tinnitus patients by listening to music – it’s really that simple and it also works with your iTunes playlists. Before I go into detail how it works have a look at their video:

Apart from its technology, which is really interesting and seems to work, I really like the fact that Sennheiser, one of the worlds’ most respected brands when it comes to headphones, has seen the potential of a startup in such a niche space. The partnership shows that such bonds do not necessarily  have to be some sort of merger or acquisition at first. This is, in my opinion, a perfect example of how David and Goliath can jointly and efficiently work together. By leveraging a brand new technology of a small german startup through a global sales and marketing channel this might just turn out to be something very valuable for both parties and I’d be happy to see more of such partnerships between “the old and the new”.



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