What If?


For the third time, actor Ashton Kutcher has invested in a european internet startup. What might seem odd at first sight, is important. We need more people like Mr. Kutcher. People who act on the intersections of genres. Those are the people who constantly push boundaries and have a fresh take on things where many believe there is no such fresh take.

Michael Crichton truly inspired the world with his storytelling. Maria Montessori disrupted the education system. John Harvey Kellog invented Corn flakes. A path they all shared: medical school.

They were game changers and we need more of them, not only in health and medicine, but in all walks. You should cross that line if you have ever felt that urge in your innermost, but had not been brutally honest to yourself.

In 43 seconds Steve Jobs gives you a good reason why you should do so. So go ahead and ask yourself one simple question: What if?. Because “once you’ll learn that, you’ll never be the same person again”.


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