We See What’s Possible


Franz and I recently had a short phone call and then Franz said something that struck me: “We see what’s possible”.

As we are doing a lot of times we were discussing what the “digital physician” is and consequently what the “digital patient” is. For both parties, the internet still remains rather unknown terrain. Go into an emergency room or into a GPs office on the country side and ask them about Twitter. The answers will range from complete ignorance to “I’ve heard on it on the news”. That’s about it. And this is true for both parties – keep that in mind.

You, reading this blog post, are not one of them. You see what’s possible and you are all excited was this means for healthcare. You share our passion for disrupting healthcare, innovative startups and how social media is transforming the doctor-patient-relationship, but the people out there, they don’t.

This circumstance will surely change over the course of the next few years, but it will take decades until “our” visions will hit mainstream. It’s now more important than ever that physicians who see what’s possible pass that on to physicians who do not see what’s possible.


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