Pharma Marketing is Dead! Long Live Pharma Marketing!

The marketing approach of most pharmaceutical companies is very old-fashioned, to put it politely. It's time for a change - we think.

Register For Europe’s Leading E-Health Event For Docs

If you are into tech and medicine then you probably already noticed that there are quite some conferences out there that cover these areas. Now most of these conferences though are not that interesting if you are a practicing physician.

Package Design For Drugs Does Matter

In this post, Lukas explains how drug packaging can make medicine safer and more enjoyable.

Pharma Marketing 101: Two Things Pharma Needs From You

“Pharma-marketing” is a taboo term for many physicians. Many of our colleagues view it as a discipline characterized by a plethora of unethical actions...

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London to host GIANT medtech conference in 2017

It’s not everyday you get to see thousands of medtech enthusiasts in one room. But GIANT Health is collecting the best and brightest in...

Challenges in a Changing Medtech Marketplace| Fri, 14 Jul 2017 | Ireland

Faced by health system cost pressures on one side and burgeoning clinical and technological opportunities on the other, medical device companies today face multiple...

MEDTECH 2017 Oct 30, 2017 | New York

MEDTECH 2017 "DISRUPTNY: Harnessing the Power of Partnership” Join the largest gathering of executives and senior leaders from New York State’s bioscience and medical technology...

Tech Reviews

The gamification of fitness – A review of the Goji Play...

We all love when two ideas that seemed so widely unrelated come together and form something completely new and revolutionary. Have you ever spent...