Patient Engagement Through Self-Tracking

At TEDMED 2013, UCSF Chancellor (@UCSFChancellor) Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD discussed the need for patient engagement in our healthcare system.

Google Glass

How Will Google Glass Change The Health Space?

Google Glass undoubtedly is the most talked about device in recent years. How will it affect health care and the medical space?

Mobile Medical Apps to Become Subject of the FDA – How to Prepare for...

With the rise of new health technologies comes the regulations. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is among other things in charge of observing medical devices.

How Robots Invade Our Health – In a Good Way

Could you imagine a robot doing surgery on you? Yes, it sounds creepy, but according to Catherine Mohr, Senior Director of Research at Intuitive Surgical, this is the future.

Innovating Healthcare is hard: The hard truth

What is the future of healthcare? We all know what it should be like: affordable, accessible, transparent and focused on proactive care instead of reactive care.

Hands On the New AliveCor Heart Monitor

You’d better not act surprised if a patient walks into your practice with a sleek case on the back of his or her phone saying “Check this out, doc, it's my new heart tracker”. At MedCrunch, we have unpacked AliveCor, the hearth monitor. Read all about its features in this article!

Re-imagining Healthcare: a Radical Idea for 2013

The lack of collaboration has characterized the healthcare industry since the very beginning. Once you know how to do it yourself, why not do it together? Do-it-together. DIT. Who is up for the challenge?

HeatlhSpot’s Remarkable Opportunity

How Ohio-based HealthSpot could transform Primary Care and what it means for development countries. Find out!

Crowd-Funded Asthma Inhaler Sets Out to Make Pediatric Asthma Therapy Fun

Learn how an MIT spinoff wants to change the way children approach their own asthma therapy.

Using Health Data: When Information Hurts

A friend of mine mentioned a few months ago that he couldn't understand why every year he wasn't offered every possible test to make sure something wasn't lurking ready to attack when he tipped over a certain age. That was the real way he thought medicine should be practiced.

Health Design Archive: Revisiting Tufte’s Graphical Patient Status

1994 seems a long time ago. Prior to the new century we didn’t have tablets, our modern day smart phones or as readily available wireless access in homes and public places.

The Future Of Healthcare Design Is Already Here

Read how design can change healthcare for the better and that futuristic implementations are already here!

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