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Design and Medicine are a substantial relationship in the 21st century. We believe in aesthetics, functionality and beauty in healthcare in medicine.

The 6 Second Visual Guide To Your Body

While routinely ordered, the electrocardiogram  (EKG) is an incredibly well designed way to gather useful clinical data for cardiac and non-cardiac conditions. With new...

Designing Devices For The Physical Exam

Over the years, the physical exam has continued to be a staple of medical education. Concerned with arming a generation of new physicians with...

Patient Engagement Through Self-Tracking

At TEDMED 2013, UCSF Chancellor (@UCSFChancellor) Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD discussed the need for patient engagement in our healthcare system.

jane mcgonigal

Jane McGonigal Talks Playful Recovery With SuperBetter

Games can make the world a better place, Jane McGonigal is convinced. At the Healthcare Experience Design conference in Boston last week she explained how she turned a painful recovery into a game.

HxD Coming Up: Don’t Miss Out!

Join MedCrunch and the most prominent international leaders in the industry at the HxD Conference on March 25th, 2013. You will get to meet the visionaries of health design and gain more insights into the perception of well-being in relation to health.

Health Design Archive: Revisiting Tufte’s Graphical Patient Status

1994 seems a long time ago. Prior to the new century we didn’t have tablets, our modern day smart phones or as readily available wireless access in homes and public places.

The Future Of Healthcare Design Is Already Here

Read how design can change healthcare for the better and that futuristic implementations are already here!

The Jenny McCarthy Body Count

Once in a while you discover small little gems on the web that are not existant only because of making money with them but...

Speak To Me: Speech recognition with Nuance Healthcare’s Nick van Terheyden, MD

With the introduction of Apple’s Siri in the last year, free-form speech recognition has exploded in the mainstream. The technology around Siri, however, has...
Biodigital Human

MedCrunch Interview with Marc Triola and John Qualter at TEDMED 2012

During TEDMED we had the opportunity to meet, talk with and interview many interesting people and learn about what advances they are bringing to...
Mark Hyman

TEDMED 2012 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our previous post. Take a look at part 1 here. Session 6: "You Get What You Select For" Frances Arnold a...
Where it all happened

TEDMED 2012 Recap – Part 1

Like children who were suddenly forced to go home after spending three and a half days in Disney World, the delegates slowly made their...

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London to host GIANT medtech conference in 2017

It’s not everyday you get to see thousands of medtech enthusiasts in one room. But GIANT Health is collecting the best and brightest in...

Challenges in a Changing Medtech Marketplace| Fri, 14 Jul 2017 | Ireland

Faced by health system cost pressures on one side and burgeoning clinical and technological opportunities on the other, medical device companies today face multiple...

MEDTECH 2017 Oct 30, 2017 | New York

MEDTECH 2017 "DISRUPTNY: Harnessing the Power of Partnership” Join the largest gathering of executives and senior leaders from New York State’s bioscience and medical technology...

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The gamification of fitness – A review of the Goji Play...

We all love when two ideas that seemed so widely unrelated come together and form something completely new and revolutionary. Have you ever spent...