The ultimate Physician’s headphones


Since the arrival of the iPhone and the iPod, lots of Physicians have jumped onto this device and are using it for both professional and personal use more and more.  An Istanbul-based design consultancy firm called Antrepo has now designed and created a prototype for a new kind of headphone set that seems to be the perfect Physician’s headphones. They are also designed in multiple colors in coherence with the iPods various color schemes.

The headphone entitled “Stetheadphone” It is headset with remote and mic, you can make and receive calls, access voice-control features, and listen to and manage playback from your iPhone or iPod. Material used is ultra light and flexible plastic for your comfort Also three sizes of soft silicone ear tips help you tailor a fit that’s right for you. The color options are white, black, pink, blue or green.

The firm is currently looking for production partners who want to bring this great idea to life.

From a design point of view this seems truly like a great device and the ultimate gift for every Doc out there who loves their iPod.

Find out more about this beautiful set of headphones on the agency’s website.


  1. Wow – horrible concept – pressure on the ears?

    Also – WHY? Makes no sense, drivers are probably horrible also

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