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We recently wrote about a pair of headphones, which we argue are the ultimate physician headphones. Mimicing a stethoscope and available in iPod-esque color sets it would truly be great a lifestyle addition for any doc or wanna be doc.

Now (actually already quite some time ago) the Danish design studio “Søren Rose Studio” has crafted a minimalistic und puristic table simply called Milk. We are tempted to call it  a table of the 21st century, which clearly shows that reduction paired with usability and intelligent design is what makes such products not only great to look at, but also a fantastic work station.

The Milk desk is one small step for an individual physician, but a giant leap for making medicine more beautiful.

Milk is a single-colored, unibody and customizable desk that is tailored for people who are keen on design and functionality. Designed and built in a factory in Denmark, the table consists of multiple compartments, fully integrated cable outlets, notebook storage, heigh adjustability and various sizes. The desk is heavy, it almost looks sterile and is definitely one timeless piece of furniture. Unfortunately it comes with a hefty price tag (between $2000 an $5.500), but it’s probably worth the price, if it adds a little smile on your face whenever you sit down in your office and get ready to see patients for the entire day.

The designers probably didn’t have physicians as customers in mind when they developed the desk, but we believe it’s actually the perfect desk for a doc. The sterility-look and the functionality make Milk a must-have for all MedCrunch readers or every doctor’s office out there, but see for yourself.

Find out more about the desk and retail locations for buying it on Disclaimer: no affiliate royalties for MedCrunch involved! 🙂



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