Sabi – Solving Patient Adherence Through Design


We’ve just learned that patient’s adherence is one of the biggest problems today’s healthcare system is facing – and it is clearly a neglected one. Now there are several ways how one can improve aherence and compliance. One of them is through design. As you probably know, we are big fans of design here at MedCrunch and always seek new shiny objects and concepts that are small elements of a next-gen hospital or just make our daily lives more aesthetic.

Silicon Valley has always been on the verge of making great products for the world. People and startups have been ingenial When it comes to transforming ordinary objects into aesthetic game changers – this has happend from mobile phones to thermostats.

Sabi, a Palo Alto based Startup, has recently emerged with a simple, clean and effective pill dispensing system, crafted by renowned designer and entrepreneur Yves Béhar who also brought us the Jawbone Up. The company has created a so-called vitality line of pill holsters and dispensers, that not only are simple to use and thus especially suited for the elderly, but also entail functional elements that are notewothy. For example, the holster only allows to dispense a maximum of a single pill at once.

The people over at Sabi’s (a name with big potential in our opinion) have sent us some of their latest line of products. Their look and feel is great, but see for yourself:



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