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Doctors 2.0

If you are into tech and medicine then you probably already noticed that there are quite some conferences out there that cover these areas. Now most of these conferences though are not that interesting if you are a practicing physician. They are mostly B2B and it’s about the newest products you might use for your office or the newest multislice CT for the hospital you are working in.

Only few of these conference organizers actually pick the healthcare system’s core player – the physician – as their primary theme. Now, Denise Silber from Basil Strategies, a France based Health 2.0 consultancy firm, is doing precisely that. With the upcoming Doctors 2.0 conference in Paris on June 22 – 24, the doctor is being put into the limelight – or to be more precise – the doctor 2.0.

They key question the event is aligned to is “How are doctors using social media, apps, and web 2.0 tools to work with patients, colleagues, governments,  industry and payers?”. A question that probably sounds interesting to most MedCrunch readers, yet apart from being an official media partner for the conference, we believe it’s important to also bring our not so tech and web savvy collegues to such events. Usually a conference is organized with a certain speciality in mind. From the international conference on radiology to the European College of Cardiology’s annual meeting, the doctor’s speciality is the parameter that defines the event’s attendees.

Conference venue

Now  you might already be able to guess our point: the Doctors 2.0 conference is different. It is not centered around your field of work, but on how your communicate and use information. It targets a hetergenic group of doctors that all share a passion for “out of the box” topics in medicine, such as technology, social media and the industry.

We are very proud to be part of an event, that’s in line with topics we are passionate about. With MedCrunch we’ve always wanted to shed a different light onto medicine. We’ve been talking about these things for years now, and MedCrunch is the written distillate of these talks. Now we’ve got a confernce to attend  and share our insights in the real world.



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