Getting Rid Of Silos And What Medical Conferences Can Learn From It – A DLD 2014 Recap


DLD Conference 2014Usually, when you go to business conferences you meet people who work in an area that aligns with the event’s purpose. In healthcare, for example, you typically attend a large congress, like the ASCO. There you  meet physicians discussing the newest research and mingling with pharma and other industry partners.

DLD, however, is different. In MedCrunch’s announcement of being at the event, we called it “The Conference of Intersections” but it is probably more appropriate to call it the Conference for “People who can do just about anything”. Let me explain. Traditional conferences are silos. They are silos of industries and people working within those industries. This results in little “out of the box” thinking at the ASCO or any other (medical) conference. These conferences connect people from the same tribe, but this does not necessarily facilitate potential to innovate or disrupt the status quo.

Last year, for probably the first time ever, we saw healthcare present at such a “disruptor’s conference” – SXSW. This year it was also present at DLD – a mix of TED, SXSW and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

At this years DLD, we met with people like Hosain Rahman, the founder of Jawbone; and, Manjox Saxena, who spearheads the development of IBM’s supercomputer Watson. Numerous others, including Berlin-based Angel Investor Christophe Maire, an investor in Soundcloud, are becoming keen on health tech and digital healthcare. Wearables are popping up every where and the gap between consumers, HCPs, devices and software is closer than ever.

The DLD Conference impressively showed what happens if you put  a very broad range of people, including innovators, investors, physician-turned entrepreneurs, scientists and artists into one room and let them discuss a plethora of topics. New ideas emerge, business relationships are fostered and silo-thinking is banned.

I wish there was something like “DLD for healthcare”. No silos. Out of the box. Disruption. Until this will happen we are looking forward to next year’s DLD, where hopefully healthcare is even more prominent than this year. This is also an encouragement to apply for DLD 2015.

P.s.: You may want to watch this talk to get a glimpse in Wearables.

Wearables Gone Wild (Sonny Vu, Kamil Adamczyk, Amol Sarva, Yonatan Wexler, Arik Hesseldahl)



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