Live from TEDMED 2012

... it says it all

... it says it all

After two sessions of an incredibly large flow of new ideas, meeting people from around the world and from every corner of healthcare’s scope and finally taking a night tour of Washington’s most amazing monuments, I don’t think my mind and body can take it anymore… and there are 9 more sessions!!!

Wow! TEDMED is really doing something. It is planting a seed in every person of the audience, a seed that will grow into a tall tree of imagination and innovation. We are the hipsters of healthcare, we are exploring the new possibilities and different points of view that will explode into completely different conceptions to build a better system for the next generations. We’ll keep pushing forward to bring the future here.

Be sure to follow @MedCrunch for live updates and ping us if you want to meet with Alejandro and CJ, the MedCrunch team at TEDMED.

I invite you to visit the speakers’ list and if you see a particular speaker that you’d like us to interview, please leave a comment below.

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