The Big List of Health Startups

There are THOUSANDS of health apps, startups and innovative products to help boost your professional practise but where do you even begin to look for them? Right here! The Big List of Health Startups is MedCrunch’s attempt to catalogue every single health and medical startup, app and innovative product that can help you be a better health professional. This is an ongoing process so if you know a cool product we should add, let us know!

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Professional facing tools

23 Gears Web Systems


23 Gears produces online training tools for medical personnel with a focus on simulating areas of practice that can be improved through repeat training (diagnosis, triage etc). The company collaborates with medical experts to produce online tools with a focus on ease-of-use. They also deliver bespoke tools for pharmaceutical or medtech companies looking to educate their end-users.

3G Doctor


3G Doctor is a video consultation service that allows patients to communicate with their physician using their mobile phones. The service includes general medical physicians registered in the UK and Ireland.



Abcdent is a French online content website. It provides information about various medical and dental specialities aimed at health care professionals as well as general users.



Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. In April, 2011, the company announced that they are teaming up with Patient Navigation Institute (PNI) to equip more people with the skills to get jobs as patient navigators, who provide one-on-one guidance and assistance to patients dealing with the health care system.

Patient provider communication tools



DocCheck is a community for healthcare professionals in Europe. On DocCheck doctors can discuss medical cases, exchange opinions, publish and sell articles or ebooks, or upload medical pictures and videos. In the United States, DocCheck operates a single sign-on for online medical resources, such as research publications.

EPG Health Media


EPG Health Media is a communications business specializing in online publishing, digital communications and market research for the health sector. EPG provides pharmaceutical companies, medical societies and other healthcare organisations with tailored communication programs for HCP and consumer engagement via digital media.

H2 Wellbeing


H2 Wellbeing provides easy, cost-efficient web & mobile motivation tools for health and wellness. The company’s service,, is an easy web service to log, track, share, and cheer activities of others as well as to create individual training programs. The service is available to individuals free of charge; for various organizations and communities, their SaaS products offer a cost-efficient, easy and fun way to engage members in healthy activity.



INNUO is a Spanish PR and communications firm focused on health care.

Healthcare consumerism

KWF Kankerbestrijding


KWF Kankerbestrijding is the national Dutch cancer society offering medical information on cancer for the general public, supporting cancer research and organizing national awareness campaigns. They plan to launch the social network for Dutch cancer patients in 2012, a project that involves major collaboration between KWF Kankerbestrijding, 25 national cancer patient organizations and their umbrella organization, and all 8 comprehensive cancer centres in the Netherlands.

Medical Expert Systems (MXS)


Medical Expert Systems (MXS) develops intelligent software to assist health-conscious individuals better balance their nutrition and thus improve their health and quality of life. MXS has created an on-line service to help patients with nutritional self-assessment, planning and e-coaching. MXS is based in France.



Runtastic is an app for mobile devices, with both a free version and Pro version users can buy. The app tracks distance, time, speed, pace, and displays your route on a map, and allows users to share their results on social media sites. The Pro version includes more advanced features, such as voice feedback, geo-tagging, heart rate monitoring, live tracking, and the possibility for creating individual workouts.