Intelligent Plasters


When we think of medical innovation, we usually think high-tech, lots of money, biotech and brain-scans. But researchers at the Frauenhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT (who knows how they came up that abbreviation) in Munich now has developed a kind of plaster that does something special.

The idea is simple, it’s a problem millions are facing every day, thus, the market for their “device” is huge. So what are we talking about? As some of you might remember from med school, the pH value in wounds signifcantly differs from healthy skin and soft tissue values. Normal pH values for healthy tissue is around 5. A rise indicates a more alkaline environment, which generally points to wound healing problems. The researchers applied this circumstance to a new kind of plaster that visually and intuitively shows the progress of the wound regeneration process.

If it turns purple, the pH value increases, which indicates an ongoing infection or inflammation. If it doesn’t, then you are fine and you do not repeatedly remove the plaster to see what’s underneath but just wait.

It’s a minor medical event, it’s not life threatening but it happens all the time. The beauty of their idea lies in its simplicity. I would very much like to see this plaster in action soon. We would have one suggestion for the guys and gals over at Frauenhofer’s: kids love plasters and we think they could hugely increase their sales if the plaster showed something like Mickey Mouse if everything was good and the Beagle Boys in case of wound healing problems. Just a thought (for which we demand a 10% revenue share – just in case)

BTW, don’t you think this hand looks as if the person had scleroderma?



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