Healthtap Overhauls Product And Hints To Future Business Model


When Healthtap received $11 million in funding we were excited to see how they are going to use the money on the product side – now we know. Last week the startup has released an entire suite of apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web. The new HealthTap provides people with a faster and more personal way to connect and interact with doctors. The site is moving from a curated Q&A platfrom between physicians and patients, towards a more telemedicine approach and aims to build that virtual doctor-patient bridge many startups have tried to build already, but have failed (i.e. Hello Health).

Apart from a visual revamp (which ressembles the current trend of using big photographs as background images) and the enhancement to their core web application, the mobile apps seem to be the primary channel where the company hopes to link both groups. As it reads from the press release, the mobile approach is really interesting, since it comes with micropayments and thus shows and interesting way how Healthtap plans to monetize in the future.

  • Private Health Conversations: Ask specific questions to the doctor of your choice in a HIPAA-secure environment from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or PC.
  • Connect with a doctor of your choice instantaneously: See who’s “online now” and message them privately and securely.
  • Store and safely share rich health media: Share health records, photos, and documents with doctors securely and privately.

Although initially Healthtap seemed more to be a “Quora for Health”, it is now moving into a transacation-based and two-sided business. However, although the startup is obviously HIPAA compliant, the current judisdiction remains fragile.

The roster of investors still remains impressive.


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