Health 2.0 Seattle: Strategic Partnerships


Recap: Health 2.0 Seattle is hosted by digital product studio Substantial. Its mission is to establish Seattle as a leader in healthcare innovation by facilitating dialogue among professionals from the local technology, life sciences, and global health industries.


This month’s panel discussion focused on the importance of strategic partnerships and finding and developing pilot opportunities.

Aaron Martin, the VP of Strategic Innovation at Providence spoke from the health system perspective on what type of partnership and technologies their newly formed group at Providence is looking for, and about what to expect from the pilot and relationship.  Larry O’Keefe, Sr. Product Manager at GE Healthcare, spoke about opportunities to partner with a well established HIT company and about what it means and what to expect when working with a company as large as a GE partner.

Key insights:

  • Both Providence and GE are actively engaged in finding corporate partnerships in healthcare innovation, yet they are going about the process in different ways. Aaron Martin described how Providence is launching a venture fund for healthcare innovation. Providence sees patient interaction and locating more efficient ways to onboard externally sourced technology as being key.
  • Larry O’Keefe of GE Healthcare agreed. “In order to make a difference in healthcare we need to have the opportunity to engage – as patients and consumers – and we need to be able to engage on our own terms. On the product side, we need to understand that we need to reach out and communicate with you, the patient, better.”
  • O’Keefe clearly pointed to GE’s established avenues for support as critical entry points to accessing partnership.  He explained how there is a lot of structure in place in large companies like GE to ensure products are reliable and safe. This structure is not ideal for trying new things and taking risks. Because of this, GE seeks out external sources with less structure and a bit more freedom to be experimental in introducing creative technological solutions to healthcare.

For more information on GE’s partnership programs:

In March panelists will discuss how to build solutions (that sell) for healthcare. The panelists will share ideas on how to align technology and services to build solutions and successful practices dictated to addressing a range of healthcare challenges. Speakers include: Anand Gaddum, Director, Health & Life Sciences at iLink Systems; Howard Mahran, CEO & Founder Deep Domain, Inc.; and, Sailesh Chutan at Mobisante, Inc.

For more information about the panelists and the event, see here

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Susan E. Williams (@estherswilliams) explores experiments at the intersection of health care and technology, particularly around how mobile apps, games and sensory apparatus change the way we pay attention, understand, and make decisions about our bodies, emotions, and behavior. Susan received her BA in cultural anthropology from Columbia University and her MA in East Asian Culture, with an emphasis on Japan, from New York University. She is on the board of Health 2.0 Seattle, and works (and believes) in social media communications for health care and science.


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