Hacking Health


When MedCrunch was started almost two years ago, our goal was to provide a blog from physicians, for physicians. With a variety of topics, ranging from startups, to medical devices and happiness, we set out to create something we didn’t find in the publishing world. With the help and awareness of several like-minded physicians and other healthcare professionals around the globe, MedCrunch has grown to a tiny, but nifty and relevant brand in the digital healthcare arena.

We see that people like and care what the editorial team of MedCrunch writes about and the surge in readership has also proven that. We have been very picky and deliberate about the content we publish and we strive to make MedCrunch as good as it possibly gets in the future. Thus it was about time to (re)think and (re)define our tagline. The purpose of our writing, the taste it should leave behind after leaving the site, our mindset and the direction we are heading to. As it is with our content, so it is with our scope: Simple, yet amibitious.

Our aim is to be a guide and voice for digital physicians and other healthcare professionals out there. Our readers are well aware of immense turnovers and castlings are underway when it comes to healthcare. Not only roles will change, but everything on a far larger scale. We want to be part of this, on the edge, picking up the newest trends in health, helping define the healthcare professional of the future, and last, but surely not least, give guidance and offer tools for empowered patients.

We are calling it “Hacking Health” and we’d be delighted if you are part of our upcoming journey. “Hacking Health” will be our mantra and guiding principle of everything we’ll publish here. So stay tuned for more good stuff to come.


  1. Love the idea of hacking health! It expresses both the impact of technology in healthcare and the grassroots effort to create fresh content on these topics that MedCrunch embodies.


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