How Will Google Glass Change The Health Space?

Google Glass

Google GlassGoogle Glass undoubtedly is the most talked about device in recent years. While as of now only the Silicon Valley Elite is privileged to wear them, developers are already working on apps that will run on the technologized glasses. Chairman Eric Schmidt announced this week that the new product will hit mass market in a year, so that gives enough time to wonder: How will it affect health care and the medical space?

The glasses are a perfect addition to the current Quantified Self trend. Lots of startups are working on new products in the health space, so there certainly are a lot of apps focussing on monitoring and improving your wellbeing lined up for Google Glass as well. This became even more obvious when Google asked for ideas via the “If I Had Glass” campaign on their Google+ page. A lot of the users who participated came up with health care solutions.

Reading food labels and tracking your diet and exercise are consumer-oriented use cases. But what about medical applications? EPGL Medical, a company producing medical hand-held-devices, recently announced that it will be working on ways to integrate their technologies into the Google device. “Physicians using our devices will be able to utilize technology such as Google Glass while performing procedures, using our devices and viewing feedback data in real-time”, explains their representative David T. Markus. As Google embraces developers working on Glass applications, we definitely would love to see more medical companies jump on the bandwagon.

Zdnet’s Tim Foremski recently painted another scenario where Google Glass might come in handy: dementia. He argues that elder people should be reminded when to take which medication and also help them out in there daily life.

Though with opportunity comes risk. Google stated in their FAQ that the device is not suited for everyone and advised talking to your doctor about possible damages it may cause.

Which health and medical apps would you want to see on the Google Glass? Discuss in the comments!