You’re a health professional and you’re ridiculously busy. Between seeing patients, keeping up with professional development requirements and possibly running your own clinic, staying up-to-date with the latest health tech and trends affecting your work can seem impossible. As health professionals ourselves, we totally get it. That’s why we built MedCrunch. Our mission is to filter out all the health tech noise and only bring you the news, insights and stories relevant to you and your patients. The Daily Crunch is a daily, curated newsletter designed to take less than 5 minutes to read but keep you entertained and informed about the latest health innovations affecting your work.

Founded by Franz Wiesbauer, MD, MPH and Lukas Zinnagl, MD in 2010 to encourage discussions around the challenges of being a physician in today’s world, the MedCrunch vision has expanded to bring the tech world and health professionals closer together under the leadership of Sabrine Elkhodr, Australian pharmacist and entrepreneur. 

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