5 Best Free Medical Apps for Health Practitioners


Health professionals -including medical students- are always in search for the latest technological advancement available to make their job easier. Previously, we have published reasons why medical students should be provided iPads. One of the reason is that it makes searching for information quicker. A study revealed that 35 percent of research information online is about medications daily. In addition, it said that iPhone is the most popular Smartphone used by Physicians who have an EHR (Electronic Health Record).  For this article, we will provide you the most recommended apps for your smartphone and tablet that will make your medical work easier.



The most popular medical resource on the web now comes to your mobile device. Created by WebMD, Medscape app is currently used by more than three million doctors, nurses and medical students worldwide. In fact, it was one of the most downloaded free mobile applications under the medical category in iTunes.

  • Medical News
  • Clinical Reference: Drugs, Diseases, Conditions and Procedures, and Medical Calculator
  • Medical Education: collection of CME/CE activities in 32 specialty areas

Note: The clinical reference including the drug checker can also be accessed offline.

Epocrates Rx


Another popular medicinal reference app for mobile is the Epocrates Rx. In here you can search for drug brands, generic names, and over the counter medicines. The application also features the following:

  • Drug interactions and information
  • Pill ID
  • MedMath: medicine calculators and tables
  • Contact manufacturer
  • Formularies (access to national and regional insurance formularies)

You can also purchase the full version for $159.99 per year that has the ID Tax guide, labs and monographs of evidence-based diseases.




Although you’re not specializing in radiology, it will still be essential  to know a thing or two on how to read x-ray and results. The iRadiology is especially designed for learning purposes providing you with over 500 radiology cases for easier reading of CT scans and MRI tests.

  • The information came from Dr. Gillian Lieberman’s cases
  • Zoom feature
  • Easy-to-use topic sections (Aberrant air, breast, cardiovascular, chest, emergency radiology, foreign bodies, gastrointestinal and more)
  • Great explanations of cases, problems and solutions
  • Legit source of cases and picture




A great app for neurologist, neurosurgeons and medical students, NeuroMind provides you with basic neuro-anatomy information to the World Health Organization (WHO) Safe Surgey checklist requirements.

  • Supported by Surgical Neurology International, the European Association of Neurosurgival Societies (EANS) and Neurosurgic.com
  • Contains a 113 scores relevant to neurosurgical practice
  • 18 neurosurgical classifications

The updated version 2.1 now comes with EANS support and fits the wide 4-inch Retina Display of iPhone 5.

Visual Anatomy


Visual Anatomy is an educational tool for medical students and an interactive reference for healthcare professionals and physicians. It provides you with a 3D rotational human anatomy model. Here are its other features:

  • 58 high resolution anatomy image
  • Over 300 feature points
  • 8 overview images of Gray’s anatomy
  • Free periodic updates
  • Multi-choice quizzes
  • Muscle descriptions  and more

To enjoy more features, you can also purchase the full version for $2.99 per download.

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