3 minutes with Max: making rehabilitation digital

Founders of Caspar Health

Rehabilitation can be one of the most difficult areas of medicine. It is very common for patients to stray away from their program, forget the instructions given to them by their healthcare provider or to simply not do anything at all. Caspar Health, a German-based startup, is making it easier for patients to interact with their therapists through an easy-to-use app that is making waves in the rehabilitation community.

We were lucky enough to catch a few moments with Max Waldenfels, the co-founder of Caspar Health, and glean some of his insights about starting and running a medtech company.

Every great startup has an interesting backstory. Why and how did Caspar Health come about? 

Our co-founder Max Michels used to run one of Germany’s largest hospital groups in the field of rehabilitation. Even though Germany is a market leader in this discipline, research studies show that rehabilitation procedures are still very ineffective. On the other hand this 1st class medical know-how was only provided offline. Max’s idea was to gather the smartest minds in medical rehabilitation and put their know-how into an app. Hence medical facilities could improve the engagement with their patients and Caspar also allows everyone in the world to access 1st class rehabilitation know-how. This enables everyone to get back in shape
What challenges have you faced bringing your technology about?
When you are in e-health you need to comply with all the regulations and further legal requirements. So we put a huge effort into integrating all the data security guidelines and set up our IT infrastructure so we can rollout within the EU an abroad.
You’ve founded startups in the past and moved into the health sector. How is the health startup world different to other industries?
It is much more rewarding! Building the next food & beverage or e-commerce startup was not challenging. But once you realise that you can really make an impact, when you actually see that your service is helping people to recover, this is what drives me and our team every day.
How has the medical community responded to Caspar health?
On one side many doctors/therapists in developed countries refuse to change and are reluctant towards digital solutions. However, most people know that the digital revolution will enter the healthcare industry, sooner or later. And we can see how the system changes, for example the German pension fund is now allowing tele-rehabilitation solutions to be implemented into the treatment process. On the other side, in developing countries we see a great demand for our service as we offer them to apply world class healthcare solutions for their patients.
What tips would you give to other aspiring medpreneurs?
Make your solutions as simple as possible to use – focus on the lean approach. Patients as well as doctors are not the easiest first adopters….
What are your thoughts on the relationship between the medical and the medtech community generally?
A lot of projects, conferences and discussions happen at the moment in order to digitise the healthcare sector. You can see the change towards digitization happening, however when it comes to Germany we need to push much harder in order to be at the forefront of development.
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