11 Rules to Live By


We are attending this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, and just listened to Tina Roth Eisenberg’s amazing keynote. Tina is a Swiss born expat living in Brooklyn. She runs the design blog SwissMiss, voted by Time Magazine as one of the 50 most influential design outlets.

Tina shared her “11 Rules to live by” with the audience…truly insightful. We would like to share them with you here:

Rule #1: Invest your life in what you love

Rule #2: Embrace enthusiasm

Rule #3: Don’t complain, make things better

Rule #4: You have to trust and empower [your co-workers, your kids, etc.]

Rule #5: Experience is more important than money [i.e., focus on learning]

Rule #6: Surrournd yourself with like-minded people

Rule #7: Collaborate

Rule #8: Ignore haters

Rule #9: Make time to think and breathe

Rule #10: If an opportunity scares you, take it

Rule #11: Be someone’s eccentric aunt [i.e., be someone’s mentor. Tina’s aunt was one of her most important sources for inspiration]

We think that there is a lot of wisdom in these rules. What’s the playbook of for your life?

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Franz is an internist with a specialization in cardiology. He co-founded the e-learning company 123sonography and MedCrunch. Franz is Associate Professor for internal medicine at the Medical University of Vienna. In 2001 he did his MPH at Johns Hopkins University as a Fulbright scholar. Follow Franz at @franzwiesbauer.